Shark Mesh Vip Gold Plated 24mm Stainless Steel Bracelet

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Shark Mesh Vip 24mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Gold Plated

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Shark Mesh Vip 24mm solid stainless steel gold plated. Ideal to change the strap of your watch and add value and aesthetics if possible.
Our users of Shark Mesh 24mm Gold plated often use them in watches such as Seiko, Invictas, micro brands like Crepes, Borealis, Steinhart and many more.
They also perfectly match high-end brands like Rolex, Breiltling, Panerai etc ...
Being our Shark Mesh solid stainless steel band, they will never rust, a safe value for many years.
They can be shortened without problems with quality pliers, or tools like Dremels or similar.
The buckle can be changed without problems, by any of the market with correct size.

- Bracelet Material: Stainless Steel Gold plated.
- Material Buckle / Buckle: Stainless Steel Gold plated.
- Length: 16cm approximately.
- Thickness: approximately 4mm.
- Width: 24mm.

• We offer with all our Mesh, 2 pins or spring bars to have them replaced if necessary.

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